Trapper John,

Expert Coyote Trapper


Coyotes can be found from coast to coast, Alaska, and far into Canada now. They have been seen on the streets of New York city and toddlers have been attacked in Los Angeles. Coyotes are mostly meat eaters but can eat vegetables if needed: insects, snakes, rabbits, and even deer fall prey to coyotes. They will also kill calves, sheep, and family pets; sometimes while being walked by their owners. They have been seen moving in packs, hunting in pairs, or solitary.

Coyotes were once found mostly in the southwest, living on the plains, but have since migrated across the nation and having no problem living around humans. They have very good vision and smell, and can run as fast as 40 mph. A coyote has been clocked running 57 mph at the New Orleans Airport. Weighing up to 50 pounds, they can stand two feet at the shoulder, four feet long, and live between 10 and 14 years.


Over the past decades coyotes have expanded into towns and cities where their ability to adapt their diet to available food sources has allowed them to not only survive but thrive. For the most part they leave humans alone and eat rodents and the occasional pet. On occasion a coyote, or group of coyotes will lose their fear of humans and reports of coyotes stalking people has been reported with some tragic attacks on mostly children. The USDA and California Department of Fish and Game show an increasing number of coyote attacks on humans over the past ten years. The worse thing humans do is feed coyotes which emboldens the animals: they lose their fear of people. Many people never notice they share their neighborhood with coyotes.

Coyotes try to stay out of sight and use things like the subsurface drainage system to move unseen.




Trapper John has honed his trapping skills on coyotes these past 15 years since they have arrived in the New Orleans area. Rapidly changing from an occasional call: Trapper John has removed over 200 coyotes from the grounds of the New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport in three years. Using a combination of live traps and snares; Trapper John has been capturing more coyotes in residential areas than ever before.


Coyotes can climb a 7 foot fence topped with barbed wire, and even razor wire with ease.  


Coyote in a pipe

Coyotes exhibit an amazing ability to adapt and conform to any environment. Here a coyote is hiding in a drain pipe during the day; sitting with just his head out of the water. Coyotes have quickly become an urban predator who moves in the background, usually unnoticed, of our cities. They can clear tall razor-wired fences as well as hide deep underground in storm drains.


Trapper John appeared on WGNO-TV on July 11th while attending a meeting in Harahan on coyotes. Click Here for the story.

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Trapper John also appeared on Fox 8 Live on October 11th.



Two captured coyotes in Slidell, Louisiana

Trapper John Schmidt in the Advocate May 28th for capturing coyotes in Slidell.


Trapper John talks to Reporter Ryan Naquin on Fox News 8 about coyotes in Audubon Park, August 17th.

Trapper John talks about coyotes in Audubon Park.