Trapper John,

Expert Pigeon Trapper and Eradicator


Pigeons can be found anywhere though they tend to concentrate around areas, such as cities and places where there is a plentiful food supply. That is one reason why every major city in the world has large flocks of pigeons inhabiting the area. Pigeons make nests out of anything and will nest anywhere though they prefer places that are similar to the rocky ledges their ancestors used. They usually lay two eggs and the chicks will stay in the nest for two months before joining the flock.

Pigeons on average have short legs, small heads, but large powerful wings, and have been known to live up to 15 years in captivity though usually are lucky to survive three to four years in the wild.


Flocks of pigeons are a major concern around airports where they are responsible for a large percentage of bird strikes. Though smaller than ducks and other waterfowl: there are just many more of them than other birds outside of periods of migration.

Thousands of pigeons were flying across the east-west runway in New Orleans creating the potential for birdstrikes. 1.8 million dollars of damage was caused by a multiple birdstrike of pigeons not long ago.

The pigeons were crossing the runway at the point of rotation. Where the front wheel of the jet leaves the ground and there is no aborting the takeoff.




The airport needed a solution to their birdstrike problem so they contracted with Trapper John to mitigate the risk to the aircraft.

Trapper John scoured the area around the airport, the overpasses on the nearby interstates, local businesses and stables, and removed over 4,000 pigeons from flying over the runways. Close to an estimated 90% of the feral pigeon population in Kenner was removed. No birdstrikes have occured at the airport from pigeons while Trapper John was on the job.