John Schmidt, aka "Trapper John," safely captured the Ring Bill Gll in the Joseph Yenni Canal in Kenner.

Trapper John is an on-call rescuer for the Humane Society of Louisiana.


Injured Seagull Gets Helping Hand.

(Kenner) April 20, 2009 -- A ringed bill gull, a type of seagull, was recently observed in the Joe Yenni canal in northwest Kenner, injured and unable to fly. Concerned citizens contacted the Humane Society of Louisiana, which in turn contacted John Schmidt, otherwise known as Trapper John, who visited the site and did an assessment of the ailing water bird. After watching the bird, Trapper John concluded that the bird had injured its wing, possibly breaking it, by flying into a wire and could not survive without some sort of intervention. After conferring with Trapper John, The Humane Society of Louisiana requested that John capture the bird and transfer it to a sanctuary for further tests and treatment. Trapper John is licensed and permitted by the state to capture and remove wildlife.

Even though injured, the bird moved very quickly on land and in the canal. After several attempts, however, Trapper John captured the bird unharmed, with the help of an assistant.

The bird was kept overnight and was fed a supper of fish before being transferred to Clearwater Sanctuary, located in Bush, Louisiana, one of the few wildlife rehabilitation centers in southeast Louisiana. The bird, now named “Skipper,” is being kept at the sanctuary until a full assessment can be done.

To learn more about helping wildlife in your area, please contact the Humane Society of Louisiana or the Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. To contact the Humane Society of Louisiana, please call 1-888-6-humane. To contact the Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, please visit their website at or call 1-985-789-1061.