Trapper John with Chef John D. Folse.


Trapper John and Chef John Folse.

When Chef John D. Folse needed some harder to find game animals in preparation of his new cookbook, "After the Hunt," he turned to Trapper John for assistance.

Trapper John had just finished a job where beavers were removed from pastureland and was able to deliver a live beaver for the Chef.

Trapper John stayed with Chef Folse as he prepared for and cooked his recipe, "Bayou Camp Beaver."


Trapper John Schmidt is featured in the cookbook, "After the Hunt," on the page with the, "Bayou Camp Beaver," recipe as seen below. The citation at the bottom of the page in the cookbook is enlarged and shown to the right. 


Trapper John featured in the cookbook, After the Hunt.

Trapper John Schmidt

appearing on page 317 of Chef John D. Folses' new cookbook,

After the Hunt


John Schmidt has trapped more than 2,000 wild hogs and other nuisance animals in New Orleans for more than 15 years; however, beaver is his favorite animal to trap because of its intelligence and diligence. John has rescued wounded animals for the Human Society and was instrumental in capturing hogs that entered public areas of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Citation on bottom of page 317.