Trapper John answers questions in Bayou Bucks Magazine

Trapper John answers questions concerning coyotes on page 35 of Bayou Bucks Magazine, July 2012 edition.

Q: I'm trying to reduce the coyote population on my hunting property. Are there any means other than hunting or trapping to ethically remove coyotes that will not harm the local domestic animals? It is obvious that we can shoot them at any time, but I am looking for a way that does not involve my physically having to be on the property at all times to monitor it.

Also, is there a method of poisoning coyotes that is legal in Louisiana? I've heard of the “sponge method”  where coyotes are baited with a bacon grease-soaked sponge which kills them by clogging their bowels. Would this work?

Thank you, Earl Adama, Houma, LA

A: I have seen coyotes going after yearlings and fawns on numerous occasions. While I am not sure exactly how many deer these predators take, I know that they negatively impact whitetail numbers.

According to LDWF, any type of poisoning for any animal is illegal in Louisiana. I have heard a lot about the sponge method, but I don't believe that a coyote would swallow it whole. Coyotes chew everything that they eat. They even eat whole fish without any ill effects. I haven't actually seen a case where the sponge dipped in bacon grease has killed anything, but I wouldn't recommend this method even if it were effective. It's just not ethical.

Snaring is a method that I use for nuisance coyotes along with live trapping and hunting over bait stations. Snares do not require constant monitoring, and they work very well when set properly. Someone could set a few dozen coyote snares in an area and expect to catch at least a few coyotes. This would most likely need to be done in the trapping season for it to be legal. Be sure to check state regulations before doing any type of hunting or trapping/snaring.

Good luck,