Trapper John,

Master Snake Trapper

Cotton mouth caught by Trapper John

Louisiana and the South in general is home to a large collection of both venomous and nonvenonmous snakes. Many snakes found in and around New Orleans are harmless; like the king snake, rat snake, or corn snake. These snakes feed on birds and rodents; helping to keep the area's rat and mouse population down.

Where ever there is a large population of rats and mice you'll be sure to find snakes. And some of the snakes are poisonous and aggressive, like the cottonmouth. other poisonous snakes include the rattlesnake, copperhead, and on the Northshore the Coral Snake though there have not been any sightings since the 1980s.

Cottonmouths can be found all over the area with the multiple canals, ditches, and other waterways that crisscross the New Orleans area. Cottonmouths are venomous and can be aggressive if disturbed. These snakes, a form of viper, can be found both around the water as well as under houses, in the woods, and bushes in residential areas.


Though Trapper John made the news a few months ago by capturing a large rat snake found in front of an Uptown house (Click here for story): not all of the snakes found in the area are as benign or even native to the area. People keep a large variety of exotic snakes as pets and sometimes these snakes escape out into the city.

Trapper John is more than capable of handling any snake problem that you may encounter in and around the Greater New Orleans area.

Trapper Suzy catches a rat snake in Uptown New Orleans.